To [not] Stay Silent
Senior Project
Some people choose to stay silent on a social issue because they do not know how or why they should speak up. For my senior project, I chose to design posters, a motion graphics video, and stickers to encourage individuals to learn how to take part in social activism and why it is important to help with raising awareness of social issues.
Hence the name, TO [not] STAY SILENT.
Before starting the project, I researched different social issues and popular movements to get an idea of where one would see social activism. Afterwards, I came up with ideas of how I would like each poster to look like. Each poster also has information related to a specific approach to social activism.

Each poster uses language that encourages individuals to learn the definition of a social issue and that with them, change is possible. 
A motion graphics video was designed to show each poster in motion and highlight their message of a specific behavior of activism. 
For this project, I used a responsive website design. 
A responsive website design refers to the approach to a design that can change its layout and appearance based on the device it is on.
To help spread the word and further show the importance of speaking up, individuals can collect stickers.
This project may contain copyrighted material, the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright holders. This project is part of an educational exercise and is used for the purpose of teaching and learning under the fair use provision of copyright law.

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