Thanatos: 2D Game
Game Design
In an Interactive Art course at NIU, students were tasked with creating either a 2D or 3D game using Unity. For my project, I chose to develop a 2D game centered around a character named "Thanatos," whose objective was to collect souls. Players would control Thanatos as they navigate through 3 levels, ultimately confronting the final boss. This past year, the game has been refined to its current state.
One of our tasks was to also create a short trailer. Watch below.
Thanatos' design drew inspiration from both Greek and Egyptian mythology. It incorporated elements of Anubis, the Egyptian god of death, as well as the actual Thanatos from Greek mythology.

Voiced by Logan Blake.
These are the 2D character models depicting both Thanatos and the souls encountered by the character.
Interested in playing the game?
Last Updated: 4/25/2024
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